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Resources and Tools

At Jeffrey L. Offhaus CPA, LLC, we are committed to providing responsive technical support during the plan year.
This section provides helpful resources and tools for plan sponsors, administrators and trustees in understanding their fiduciary and other responsibilities with respect to various aspects of their plans.

The AICPA has established the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, a firm-based voluntary membership center for firms that audit employee benefit plans

The Department of Labor provides information for plan sponsors, plan participants and others relative to retirement plans.

Latest Resources

Tax and Compliance Issues for 401(k) Plans Description: PDF
This primer provides a general understanding of the tax and compliance requirements for 401(k) plans that are subject to the reporting requirements under ERISA.

Parties in Interest and Prohibited Transactions Description: PDF
This document provide a general understanding of employee benefit plan parties in interest and prohibited transactions under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).