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"Employee Benefit Plan audits have increasingly become the subject of scrutiny by the Department of Labor ("DOL"). The auditing of these plans is a very specialized and unique service."

We are a Specialty Firm

Audits of employee benefit plans have become more complex due to new regulations and reporting requirements.  A quality employee benefit plan audit requires a specialized team of experienced professionals, not audit generalists.  At Jeffrey L. Offhaus CPA, LLC, we understand the complexity of performing employee benefit plan audits. 

We have the unique experience required to efficiently perform audits of all types of employee benefit plans at a reasonable cost.  

Why Choose a Specialty Firm?

The regulatory and legislative environments surrounding employee benefit plans are changing rapidly due to increased oversight and compliance monitoring by the Department of Labor.  A quality audit will not only help protect the assets and the financial integrity of your employee benefit plan, but will also help you carry out your fiduciary responsibility to file a complete and accurate annual return/report for your plan.

Experience and Expertise

Jeffrey L. Offhaus CPA, LLC understands the responsibility and risk that the fiduciary or Plan Sponsor of an employee benefit plan faces. We have extensive experience in dealing with ERISA regulations, the complexities of financial reporting and the auditing requirements of employee benefit plans.

Tailored Audit Approach

When we perform an employee benefit plan audit, we use tests designed for your specific plan. More importantly, we apply our technical expertise, which not only reduces your risk, but also allows you to file the audited financial statements with confidence.

We use detailed information request lists, for both the plan sponsor and for the service provider(s), which help reduce the administrative burden of undergoing an audit.

Our audit specialists make every effort to facilitate beneficial communication between plan sponsors, trustees, administrators and other service providers.

Continuity of Audit Services

We offer continuity of engagement staffing, which is not often found at many of the large regional or national accounting firms. The year over year continuity will assure minimal disruption to your organization and will eliminate the necessity to “train” new audit staff each year.